Craig Ridewood Blog

As we focus on communication with our clients, we want you to get to know our team a little bit better. We’ve asked questions to our Sales Executive, Craig Ridewood about his role in the company and here’s what he said!

What is your role at Arcura?

“Predominantly winning new contracts (i.e sales) and ensuring our client communication is 100% throughout the project journey, but as a family member I also play a small role in the strategic direction & management of the company.”

Has it changed / developed with length of service and how?

“I started in 2008 as an estimator and this has slowly progressed into a sales role. I have been in this more sales focused role since 2018.”

What are you passionate about in your role?

“Ultimately results, but also excellent communication. I believe in ensuring the decision-making process/journey is easy & hassle free for our clients, and always making sure that as a company we deliver on our promises – never promise something we know can’t be achieved. Always try to exceed the clients’ expectations in terms of both turnaround times on tender returns & ensuring our bids are fully compliant.”

What do you strive to meet each day ? and how does this impact the way you deal with clients?

“Excellence in communication. Ensuring that no client request is overlooked, forgotten or ignored – so ensuring every email gets a response same day (where relevant), every phone call is taken or voice message is returned, and articulating to as many clients as possible what they get when they work with Arcura and how we’re different from the rest.”

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