Kevin Wheeler

We have recently welcomed Kevin Wheeler, our new Project Manager, to the team. Kevin started in October but quickly adapted to his new responsibilities as Project Manager. 

Kevin said: “I have only recently started but glad to be able to jump quickly into a new role and ease of pressure on other project managers.” 

At Arcura, our project managers oversee your entire project process. Their role is extremely varied, ranging from the very predictable to wildly unexpected. It is taking overall ownership ensuring that what sales have promised is delivered on to the customer’s expectations whilst maintaining a profit margin that allows the company to continue and grow.

It starts with doing an in-depth review of the project when an order is received so that key project requirements and needs are established “up front”. From this design, production and if required specific project drawings are raised and details agreed upon with customer and architect/designer. This often involves close collaboration with Structural engineers and project QS to agree on any design amends.

Once design “sign-off” has been achieved the responsibility shifts to ensuring production manufacture in a timely manner, which may include carrying out site survey but also co-ordinating ancillary items like glass, ventilation grilles, and door automation.

Prior to the installation manager assigning a team to install the project a pre-install file is prepared and hand-over carried out.

Its important to remain accessible to the customer during the install phase as variations can often crop up and customers love the assurance that a knowledgeable point of contact can give.

The final tasks involve ensuring that the financial side runs smoothly including making monthly variations and ensuring specific project terms are adhered to.

Upon speaking to Kevin, it’s clear to see his genuine passion for executing project expectations.  

He said: “I’m passionate about exceeding expectations of our clients, maintaining or improving the GP [gross profit] position of the project and paying close attention to detail to minimise mistakes.” 

Kevin’s past experience as a construction project manager and head of R&D has been valuable to his newfound role. He says: “My experience has taught me to always be accessible and available to clients. Communication is key to gaining trust.” 

When asked, what do you strive to meet each day? Kevin replied: “To ensure that time-critical processes are dealt with ahead of time, to create an actions list for the next day to hit the ground running, to spend a little time learning and to be a salesman. Especially in a new role, there are numerous new things, processes and regulations to learn. And in a project role, there is always room to scope up or sell an idea, procedure or requirement.  

Kevin also admits: “I used to drink many cups of coffee. But I’ve found, like all things, moderation is best. So, now I have no more than two coffees a day!”  

Arcura is well known for its well-established relationships with clients and suppliers. It’s great to see that our staff share the same values and continue to push their best selves each and every day.