When looking for the right product to suit your next project, it’s important to understand the key features and benefits each material can offer. Here’s your guide to PVC vs Aluminium to know which material is best for you!

PVC and Aluminium Products

Most Cost Effective

If your project has strict budgets to adhere to, then PVC is the go-to material for you. It is a great option due to the fast turnaround times and therefore can be produced quicker for those tighter deadlines!

More recently, Aluminium has gradually become the most popular choice material for both housing and commercial developments, particularly with the more premium projects. As a result, it does end up being a more costly product due to the higher material and manufacturing costs.


PVC has such a wide range of styles and configurations available with a range of finishes to suit your needs. You may have had limited designs in the past, but this isn’t the current situation as the available range has had a major expansion over the recent years. Teamed with the cost effectiveness of PVC products, it means they give a great cost to benefit ratio.

Here at Arcura, we supply the Liniar and VEKA profiles as standard but also stock other well-known profile brands such as Rehau, Duraflex and Eurocell. You don’t have to compromise on design with your budgets!

Due to the surge in demand for aluminium products for projects, there’s now an incredible range of aluminium product types and configurations available. Aluminium products also have the capacity to meet the demands of a project. Whether tilt or turn, casement or an overswing style that is needed, aluminium products are available in both traditional and contemporary profiles in any RAL colour.

The growing popularity for aluminium products is due to the slim sightlines the material offers. This design feature maximises the opportunity for your room to be filled with natural lighting as there is minimal blockage. The rooms will be illuminated, giving users or residents a better feel for the space they’re in.

Energy Efficiency

With its high thermal efficiency offering teamed with great durability the PVC material can meet exact specifications. You’ll be sure that PVC products will do the job to insulate the room, with its effectiveness to keep the cold air out. This makes it a top material choice for homes!

Improvements to aluminium products overtime has resulted in approximately 60% more heat gain compared to other materials. With the polyamide technology and thermal breaks now used in aluminium products, it means it is no longer a cause for concern for heat loss and can be a very good option for keeping properties warm!


Both materials offer a great solution but it’s not clear cut on which will be better for your project as other factors are involved in the decision making process.

PVC is useful for:

  • Cost effective
  • Thermal efficient
  • Durable material
  • Many designs and options

Aluminium is useful for:

  • Great aesthetically
  • Many options available
  • Popular for new commercial projects
  • Thermal performance

Need help choosing a material and style for your next project? Contact our team for more information and advice!