Supply chain

Understanding supply chain management and implementing a strategy is key to achieving great outcomes. Effective supply chain management ensures projects in the fenestration industry are delivered on time and to budget. 

As leading window and door suppliers, we know what it takes to ensure our project process goes smoothly. From project management to the supply chain, find out best practices and see what steps we take to manage your project throughout the supply chain


Supply chain management and project management

Both the supply chain and projects in the fenestration industry are similar in that they’re managed to provide the best possible outcomes. 

Project management focuses on the planning and managing of a project until it’s completed. Whereas supply chain management focuses on project development processes and supplies. 

However, project management filters throughout the supply chain from improving lead times to supplier efficiency. Read more about supply chain management below.


What is supply chain management?

Supply chain management is the handling of goods and services. It includes the entire production process from raw materials to the final product. 

The supply chain consists of multiple variables and networks to ensure it’s running smoothly.Processes include supply planning, product planning, demand planning, sales and operations planning, and supply management.


The importance of managing the supply chain

Supply chain management is crucial in helping businesses in the fenestration industry achieve their goals and objectives. With a focus on supply chain management, you can plan strategically and make a positive impact on the business processes. 

By managing the supply chain you can speed up the production process, create better value for customers and essentially save money. For example, in the fenestration industry, managing the manufacturing process can improve product quality and lead to more satisfied customers. Controlling the production process can reduce the risk of recalls whilst managing the shipping process can improve delivery costs and oversupply.

Without good management throughout the supply chain, projects in the fenestration industry would fail. To ensure a fenestration project runs smoothly, an effective supply chain is essential. Read more about the essentials of supply chain management below.


Three essentials of supply chain management 

We have identified our main three essentials of supply chain management. From managing the supply to the finished product, how do we really manage the supply chain?



To successfully manage the supply chain, you have to communicate with other businesses and clients. As a experienced window and door suppliers, we understand the importance of communication. We even give you an insight into our typical project course to help communicating with us easy!

Communication in the supply chain is key. And at Arcura we will give advice, overcome complications, find solutions and communicate effectively to complete a project.



Supply chain management often leads to negotiation in the fenestration industry. From negotiation good manufacturing, production and shipping deals, you’ll often find good negotiation leads to good deals throughout the supply chain. 

We’re a team that offers everything you need in one place. And that’s down to our good negotiation skills and being a trusted window and door supplier.


Customers/Clients first

In order to make good and effective decision along the supply chain, you need to think about your end client or customer. In doing so, you’ll make the best decisions for the needs of a consumer. 

At Arcura, we find ways to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. We listen and understand your requirements within the fenestration industry. We specalise in new-build developments which enables us to provide a unique experience to you.


The benefits of supply chain management in the fenestration industry

Great management throughout the supply chain can boost your overall business performance. In the fenestration industry, effective management can provide many benefits. Such as:

  • Reduces overhead costs
  • Improves communication with end consumers
  • Improve collaboration with suppliers
  • Improves cash flow
  • Improves quality control
  • Improves risk mitigation
  • Better visibility of the project process


Window and door experts

We’ve been helping new build developers and contractors for more than 30 years. With our focus on supply chain and project management, we can guarantee a smooth project process.

Essentially, we’re much more than your typical window suppliers. We design, supply and install any fenestration product you need. From specialising in Aluminium and PVC-u projects, we’ve helped developers and contractors to deliver their projects on time. Although we are able to provide almost any fenestration-related requirement. 

Find out more about how we, as a window and door supplier, can deliver on your new build development project. Contact us today.