Scott Ridewood
Managing Director

The Godfather of the company who makes offers you can't refuse because his knowledge and experience have been honed through industry understanding and fenestration is a work of art.

Gavin Ridewood
Finance Director

Through the difficult years he has found the quill and velum difficult to meet modern day standards. It was decided that replacing Gavin's abacus moved him into more financial parlance using an Apple system, where the lowest price is not necessarily the right choice. Understanding the clients requirements and offering the best service is pre-eminent.

Craig Ridewood
Sales Manager

The Tom Cruise of Arcura where no Mission is impossible. Gave up his male modelling job of socks for a more challenging career at Arcura. His attention to detail is second to none, providing clients with detailed proposals, answering all the questions and leaving no stone unturned.

Shaun Ridewood
Design Manager

The Fixer-This gentleman makes it all happen. Fully recovered from the early years; trying to flush out the double glazing salesman from the Wendy House on his first job. Projects are completed on time and within budget. No nasty paper cuts where you feel the pain of extras a few minutes later.

Brogan Ridewood
Design Manager

Brogan was keen, because of his immense height, to work as a lighthouse keeper but failed to change the bulb in the middle of Croydon - map reading was not his forte.

Peter Carron
Design Manager

An early student of Mensa, when his IQ was tested it was found to be good and he ultimately qualified with an oak table. This resulted in his joining the family business of office furniture planning subsequently re-inventing himself as an invaluable part of the Arcura projects team.

Kevin Wheeler
Project Manager

Kevin trained early and decided training was not for him, so he tried a career as a radio ventriloquist but was rumbled and is now a sought after top project manager. “Diagnostic” is his middle name, throw whatever challenges you have and Kevin will respond like a rocketing pheasant in a very professional manner.

Gareth Cunningham
Project Manager

Lincoln Wheeler
Project Manager

Astrid Napthine
Projects Coordinator

Skye Wheeler
Business Development

Rob Lawrence
Business Development Manager

With many years’ experience under his belt (which he has comfortably grown into) Rob has the "Tender Touch" meaning if there is a tender to be quoted on he will find it - without his sniffer dog Colin.

Liam Elsey
Quality Control Manager

Stuart Wilson
Quality Control Manager

Fergus Henry

Alice Layton

The "Miss 28 days" so if you are a naughty client and are having nightmares, amnesia, Alice will wake you, kindly, with the clarion call of "would you like to pay us". She is averse to Arcura being the financial treasury for the business and keeps the ship running on a tight course. Nobody has gone overboard yet or had to walk the plank of ignominy-Yet!

Whatever the project or sector, we have the experience and knowhow to get the job done.



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