Acoustic Glass Specifications

What is acoustic glass?

Acoustic glass consists of two panes of glass laminated together using PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral). The importance of using PVB is because it is an acoustic membrane which bonds the two panes of glass together to give the appearance of a single pane of glass. Due to its features, materials and manufacturing, acoustic glass provides many benefits to both residential and commercial buildings, making it a go-to choice to install.

Noise Reduction

Noise pollution and disruption can have significant impacts on health. Therefore, when renovating or in the building process for a new property, it needs to be a top priority when looking to purchase your windows.

The main benefit is its ability to disrupt sound waves resulting in significant noise reduction. It prevents reduced sound insulation caused by the coincidence dip by reducing noise in single glazed windows by up to 5dB (25%) and reducing noise in double glazed windows by up to 10dB (50%). This works by the acoustic glass refracting the sound waves and not enabling them to travel straight through the glass pane.

It makes a considerable impact to properties in built up areas, near loud transport routes or even just general heavy rainfall. The performance can vary depending on the thickness of the glass and what you need to achieve, as it’s also useful for dividing internal spaces where noise needs to be minimised like schools and office space meeting rooms.

Energy Efficiency

Another key factor to think about is keeping the property as energy efficient as possible to insulate rooms, minimise the rising energy costs and be environmentally conscious.

Acoustic glass does this by acting like a barrier to preventing heat loss, with the layers trapping the heat to remain inside the property. Throughout all seasons, this prevents the rooms from fluctuating in temperature, making it less likely to use internal heating.

Furthermore, it is a preventative of harmful UV rays by absorbing approximately 99%. This leads to a better standard of living and comfort by opening up your space to natural sunlight without the worry of it impacting your health.

How does Arcura use acoustic glass?

Here at Arcura, we focus on providing the best products and solutions for new-build commercial projects. Acoustic glass was a main feature in this case study focussed on 54 modern apartments in Croydon, creating peace and tranquillity for the residents in the centre of a busy area both day and night.

Acoustic glass offers enhanced safety, noise reduction and energy efficiency which contributes to comfortable living. Need further information or to discuss your next project? Get in touch today!