From the initial contact to the project end, we recognise that having consistent communication is key to ensuring success at each stage of the project course to achieve your desired results. We have a variety of communication methods including email, phone and messaging to best suit your needs and depending on how we need to contact you.

As you will have an assigned, dedicated team working on your project from beginning to end, we understand that effectively communicating what’s happening at each stage and the timescales these will happen in, enables the project to run smoothly. Here’s our top reasons why our communication process is beneficial:

Knowing the Project Stage
Internally, we communicate the tasks that need to be done, timelines and the status of the job. We keep you up to date at every part of the project line so you know how your project is progressing. We will always finalise an initial plan with you before any work starts and continue to keep you updated throughout. Internally, we communicate the tasks that need to be done,

Internal Staff and Clients Know Expected Timescales
This ensures that our internal team working on your project and the clients team know how fast the project line is progressing. By having this information, it enables everyone involved to know the expectations to keep each part running to plan and that no misinformation is relayed.

Enables the Client to Keep Within Budgets
By knowing how quickly the project is progressing, it gives you the knowledge to keep within your agreed project budgets and you have this information to hand should you need to inform other involved stakeholders.

Saving Our Clients Time
When consistent communication is kept, it’s beneficial to your timekeeping by not having to chase us to find out any project information, you will already know at what stage it is at. You can be at peace of mind knowing everything agreed in the project is being progressed forward.

Providing Client Assurance and Satisfaction
There are occasions where things don’t always go to the initial plan. If anything out of the agreed original plan changes or there are delays happening that are out of our control, we update all of our customers as soon as this should happen. By communicating all information, it reassures you of the project and you can ultimately have high customer service satisfaction levels.

Communication is a vital factor for us both internally and externally as we understand its importance and why it is mutually beneficial for us to achieve maximum success for your project. Need help with your next project? Contact Arcura today for more information!