Our number one priority at Arcura is to put the safety of others first at all times and mitigate any risks during a project. Our objective is to consistently maintain our high standards and to prove how effective our health and safety procedures are throughout the business by getting externally validated.


SMAS Worksafe (Safety Management Advisory Service) is a market leading and nationally recognised Health & Safety accreditation. It demonstrates a business’ standards to give contractors confidence when it comes to your competence on work safety regulations.

By achieving SMAS Worksafe accreditation, you can easily establish that you’re a safe business to work with. Not only is it a notable accreditation but it also gives a real competitive edge when it comes to submitting tenders and PQQs (pre-qualification questionnaires). It also saves you time too!


Before any project, our standard protocol is to undertake a RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement) and COSH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) documentation as part of our health and safety strategy. After the initial risk assessment is done, these documents contain the step-by-step safety approach of any hazards.

The documents aid us to identify in depth any risks beforehand, make informative decisions around them and communicate it effectively to everyone involved. These ensure that the teams working on the project are safe and can undertake the work safely with minimal disruptions.

They also ensure that the correct people are working on the job with the right skillset to ensure that any incidents will be avoided. We ensure that safety is a priority by providing clear method statements to the team to have a clear way of working to avoid any verbal miscommunication.

Our Team

Our accreditations empower the Arcura team to know that they have achieved high standards of safety practice but also that they need to continue to adhere to them. We also make CSCS compliance compulsory and that all staff are fully trained to be competent in their field of work. This allows us to identify and communicate effectively if we believe any health & safety rules are being breached.

By complying to accreditation standards, it doesn’t mean that it stops there. We can identify our strengths and gaps to improve to continuously provide excellence. You know that you’re safe with us!

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