What is a fenestration package?

What does Fenestration mean? 

The term fenestration derives from the French term, ‘fentre,’ meaning window. It’s a word used to describe the arrangement, quality and quantity of the windows on a building facade. This is opposed to the term glazing which only refers to the glass components within the building’s appearance. 


What is a Fenestration package? 

Fenestration spans a much wider scope than creating building openings. This is why we put together a full package including scope, design, supply and installation that will both ensure the building is structurally sound and suits the needs of the project whilst the interior and exterior still look aesthetically pleasing. 


What are some factors to consider? 

When looking to get your fenestration package, there are factors you will need to consider throughout the initial process. 

  • It is important to get a partner involved during the early stages of the process to ensure the project and package can be determined smoothly and be the most cost effective. 
  • The type and purpose of the building. New buildings can serve a variety of purposes so the package will need to be curated specifically to serve what is required. 
  • Make the facade look appealing. It is important that whilst the package will serve a structural purpose, products can be tailored to get any specific ideas you have in mind too. 


What type of products do we offer? 

We are able to provide most fenestration products regardless if they are for more bespoke needs. Our main product categories and some examples of what we can supply and install are the following. 

Windows: provided in PVC or Aluminium, it can be adjusted to suit a variety of requirements in opening mechanisms, budgets and colours. 

Doors: can also be provided in PVC, aluminium or composite material. They can be adapted to suit opening requirements and provide high security levels with little to no maintenance. 

Curtain walling: is designed to fit the exterior of buildings but iit is not structurally necessary as it doesn’t provide any support. It is mainly used to shield from environmental factors, offer extra insulation and be designed to create a better exterior appearance. 

Specialist Products: we have a range of specialist products and adaptations to create easier product usage such as our remote opening gearing or to create a unique look like our bespoke window surrounds. 

Ancillaries: EPDM, silicone, structural supports, structural calculations, pressings and co-ordination with interfacing trades. 


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We pride ourselves on using our industry knowledge and experience to collate the best and most suitable fenestration package for any new build project. No matter whether it is a certain look, unique opening systems or even colour preferences, we can guide you in the early stages and throughout the project course. 

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