Product design and safety are a key priority here at Arcura, as we ensure the manufacturing and installation of our products is always complete to a high standard. Building regulations exist in our industry to set out a standard level of quality and security, and it’s important for us to innovate our products and services to preserve the excellent work we do with our clients.

What is Approved Document Q?

If you have a new build project, you will need to know about the additional standards set out in the building regulations known as Approved Document Q . This regulation was introduced to put security in new dwellings at the forefront of priority and set out improved standards in all new residences, including windows and doors.

The ultimate aim is to make properties more secure, with all entry points providing a certain level of protection against casual or opportunistic intruders. Therefore, windows and doors for example in these properties must be designed, manufactured and tested to prove they meet the security requirements of PAS24:2012.

What does this include?

The Approved Document Q does only apply to new dwellings and entry points that are accessible within the property, meaning any new projects will be required to follow the instructions set out in the document. It doesn’t apply to any work or building before the 1st October 2015, however it does include some conversions done on existing buildings so it’s always important to check!

In terms of windows, it generally applies to those being fitted within the ground floor or basement to be secure windows. Also, the glazing that is used has its own rules when applying to glass within reach of a lock as it requires an extra security layer because once broken, a hand can be permitted and potential unwanted access is granted to the property.

The door standards usually apply to the front and back entrance door to the property, which should not only meet the Approved Document Q requirements, but should have one of the following: a door viewer, clear glass within the door, a window next to the door or an alternative caller-identification measure.

There’s also rules covering door locks including that the door should be fitted with certain multipoint locking systems, which has its own requirements depending on the circumstance of the product.

It’s then important to use appropriate hardware and make reasonable provisions to resist unauthorised access to any new dwelling from the ground floor, basement or within two metres of a flat surface (such as a flat roof or access balcony).

How do Arcura meet the standards?

When we work with you for your new build project, you can be sure we provide a robust design in our products and packages to meet this standard when required.

An example of how Arcura enforces Document Q is through our recent project involving new-build houses in rural Sussex. Safety and security was essential to this project as we ensured all the windows were fitted with shootbolt locking and an installation of a high security locking system on the bi-fold doors. Click here to read more on our case study.

Our Croydon project is another example of how Arcura guaranteed high security through product installation to an apartment block, by ensuring all the windows and doors conformed to the trusted ‘Secure by Design’ mark. It was further enhanced by the windows featuring our tilt and turn opening mechanism and the commercial aluminium communal doors being supplied complete with impeccable security credentials. Click here to read more on our case study.

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