Changes within the construction industry

The construction industry has changed dramatically in the last 35 years but Arcura has always risen to the challenge. Since starting out in 1986, Arcura has met the demands of the evolving industry and now has extensive knowledge and skills to bring your vision to life. So, what has contributed to changes within the construction industry? Read more below.


What factors have impacted the construction industry? 

The construction industry is always evolving. But what factors have impacted the construction industry from Arcura’s perspective? 

  1. The increasing demand for new housing and care homes
  2. Increasingly strict thermal regulations
  3. Increasingly strict fire safety regulations
  4. Faster site programmes
  5. Modern methods of construction such as RC frames and lightweight still frames.

Arcura is dedicated to keeping up to date with challenges in the construction industry such as the constant changes to building regulations. How? By ensuring they’re surrounded by a network of industry specialists and keeping up to date with government guidance. 

So when you partner with Arcura, you benefit from the years of industry experience and peace of mind


What are the biggest challenges facing the construction industry?

Like any other industry, the construction industry still faces many challenges.


Skilled labour shortages

Skilled labour shortages have been a challenge in the industry for many years. With an ageing workforce and Brexit, it has been difficult for the construction industry to keep on top of demand.


Material shortages

Since the pandemic and leaving of the EU, there has been a material shortage. There is simply not enough material to meet global demand, leading to inflation.


Price Inflation 

As the nation experience inflation, so does the construction industry. By reviewing projects and product options, Arcura can build confidence with partners and rise to modern challenges.


The future of the construction industry 

Even now, the construction industry is still changing as new methods such as modular construction are introduced. 

Modular construction Modular is a process of a building being constructed offsite before being transported and assembled at its final location offering time savings. Is this the future of the construction industry? It’s definitely on the rise. 


Your experienced project partner 

At Arcura, we believe having an open relationship with our supply chain partners benefits our customers, our suppliers our ourselves. Whether it’s about project-specific details or challenges within the construction industry, we’ve got the experience to face it all. 

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