A new aluminium bi-fold door has recently hit the market and we think you are going to love it. Let us try and explain what’s got us so excited!

We offer choice… but we also want to help you make the right choice

Whilst we never wish to ‘push’ one product over another we do want to share our expertise with you. Indeed, one of the reasons we have earned the respect of our customers is that we offer such a wide range of windows and doors.

We are not tied to any supplier, restricted to any material or limited by any profile.
We can source any well-known profile and fit it to your complete satisfaction – on time and within budget. But, this isn’t to say that we don’t have fairly strong opinions about which window and door will be perfect for your development.

We will always be here to offer you advice.
This advice, however, will be based on our experience and knowledge rather than being prejudiced by what we are able to supply.

A case in point is Liniar.
The main profile we use for PVC-U windows has been, for a number of years, Liniar. We don’t have to supply Liniar but, for a number of reasons we often recommend their profiles.

Liniar has also had a range of PVC-U bi-fold doors on the market since 2011. Its ModLok™ bi-fold doors of 2014 broke new ground in their combination of supreme thermal efficiency and a patented exo-skeleton that offered the strength needed for bigger and wider door apertures.

Despite this we have continued to strongly recommended aluminium bi-fold doors over any PVC-U products on the market.
We have found the robust quality of aluminium offers a better material in terms of lasting satisfaction, and we never aim for a ‘quick fix’.

This is why, when we heard that Liniar were launching an aluminium bi-fold door at this year’s FIT Show we were more than a little excited, to put it mildly.
And here’s what we saw.

Aluminia by Liniar

The pure aluminium bi-fold doors that were unveiled at the 2016 FIT Show certainly created an immediate buzz.

They have been designed and developed by the same expert team that created the Liniar window system but, in response to customer demand, they are 100% aluminium.

And they certainly look set to do the business for any development.


Flexibly strong

The robust, aluminium bi-fold system is designed to be suitable for most settings, including heavy duty use and commercial projects that call for large openings.

  • It can span 1.2 metres wide per sash and can be fabricated up to 2.5 metres high.
  • No extra stresses are placed on the building’s lintel as the bi-fold doors are bottom-rolling rather than top-hung.
  • There are three threshold options available.
A perfect fit

Aluminia is available in the same sculpted profiles that have sold so many on the company’s window systems.

  • It is currently the only fully curved aluminium bi-fold door available.
  • This means it can offer a seamless match to the shape of your window profiles.
Impressive thermal performance

Liniar’s PVC-U windows and doors have been long associated with excellent thermal efficiency, yet many doubted that this could be replicated in an aluminium bi-fold door.

  • Aluminia, however, does not disappoint with ‘true’ U-values as low as 1.2W/m²k, thanks to its intelligent design and meticulous attention to detail.
  • The innovative thermal lock, for instance, acts as a security feature as well as a thermal break, thereby boosting the door’s thermal performance.
A warm glow

The cold feel of aluminium can be taken care of by an exterior foil that allows the bi-fold to match perfectly the look and feel of PVC-U windows.

  • This exterior foil can be provided in just about any powder-coated colour you can imagine, but also in a beautiful wood grain or flat foiled finish.
Reassuringly secure

The bi-fold doors have impressive security credentials that go above and beyond legal requirements.

  • The suite of hardware used follows the same principles as the Liniar ModLok™ bi-fold system, and includes multiple bi-directional locking points, shootbolts that secure firmly into the track, built-in anti-lift features and anti-bump cylinders.
  • It has received PAS 24 accreditation and been awarded Secured by Design status.

Our verdict

We were excited to see Alumia by Liniar unveiled and we are even more excited having seen it.

A versatile bi-fold made from robust aluminium that offers outstanding strength, security and thermal efficiency and can be sculpted and finished to match most window profiles.

We think you are going to love it!