Aluminium casement windows

Aluminium casement windows are windows mounted on aluminium frames that open via hinges. These types of windows can open outwards at 90 degrees. They’re typically the perfect option for all new building projects looking for a contemporary style.


Why choose aluminium casement windows?

Casement windows are the most popular choice for residential homes today. They’re often paired with aluminium as it’s a strong and lightweight material that has a natural protective coating. This makes it a great durable option for windows as it’s resistant to rusting. 

You should choose aluminium casement windows if you’re looking for a sleek and durable design. Not only are they appealing to the eye but they have a great lifespan. 

Our windows come in a variety of designs and offer a number of aluminium window profile options.

Unlike any other, our aluminium casement windows are available in numerous colours meaning you can find the right colour that suits the characteristics of each new build.


Aluminium casement window benefits

These windows are suitable for buildings of any height or value. They have superior thermal performance and are supplied with high-security locking. 

They even provide access to both sides of the window from inside the building for easy cleaning. 


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